The Power of Our Package

"There's a reason why homemade chicken noodle soup tastes the best, and that's because it's made with something that can't be bought, love." -Shari Fine, CEO of KatiejNYC

At KatiejNYC, every order placed online makes it's way through our warehouse to the two hands of our employees who personally pick, pack, wrap, and seal each and every order personally. 

Shari believes that it's all about an experience. You place an order, anticipate its arrival; it appears on your doorstep, you get the pleasure of unraveling your newest item. But it's more than a new shirt or pair of sweatpants, it's an experience, a package packed personally and specifically for you. No two packages ever the same, no two experiences ever the same. 

The power of the package lies not in its appearance, while we all like pretty things like pink tissue paper, or silver mailers that sparkle. The power of the package, is the love and care put into the making, a personal connection between the company and the customer, which KatiejNYC believes is the most important part of the experience. 

The more care that is put into something, the more likely you are to care about it and cherish it. It sends our message that we love sending packages as much as you love to receive them. So, although you can't buy love, you can buy an experience that comes pretty close to it. 

Have you felt the power of our package? 

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January 27th, 2021- Marilena Hilas, Director of Social Media/Direct to Consumer Relations