Our Colors of the Season


Welcome back warm weather! It's been a while in New York... And while you've been waiting, we've been working on creating the perfect Spring/Summer palette for you as the world slowly opens its doors again. We present to you KJ's top two colors of the season...


You know how much we just LOVE pink! Well this season we're all about blush! A soft, girly, and vintage pink we've hand picked and incorporated into our Spring/Summer line. Oh and expect our Dylan plush sweat suit and NEW Dylan sweat shorts available in this perfect color come mid-April! 



Living for green this season! And to all our Brooke Sage Floral Skirt lovers.. we can tell you are too! Sage is in our top two color swatches of the season, a dreamy, earthy, and natural green that we just can't get enough of. And guess what?! The Dylan sweat suit and new sweat shorts will also be available in sage next month! 

More to Come... 

While we've only released our top two selected colors of the season, rest assured that you will see some more of your favorite styles in all new colors come this Spring/Summer season. We've been at work, following & creating some new trends we know you're going to love. Stay tuned and be patient for what is next to come of KatieJ! 


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March 10th, 2021- Marilena Hilas, Director of Social Media/Direct to Consumer Relations